Hookers n Blow


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Started out with a SFV Og x Caramel Candy Kush then backcrossed it to our Hot Tamales which is Fire Og x Caramel Candy Kush and still working these genetics to finally have a final Hookers N Blow that’s had some backcrossing to the CCK because when I first phenol hunted the CCK the Male and Female I chose to backcross for my very own CCK for breeding,looked so skanky good,i had to name it something that made me think fuck it,life is so good and you feel slutty like you whored yourself out to get what you got but in reality you just suffered like everybody else to get what you have,not deserving or anything,just that it sucked really bad so when good things finally happen in your favor its bittersweet , so fuck everyone,,, I’m getting some Hookers N Blow !!!



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