Homemade Kombucha Recipe

Homemade Kombucha

Creates Healthy bacteria for the gut and improves immune system.

Course Drinks


  • 1 gal filtered water
  • 6 each teabags
  • 1 cup sugar raw or refined
  • 1 each Scoby


  1. First and foremost you need to acquire a “Scoby”. You can buy them online or get a starter from a friend who makes Kombucha.

    Boil 1 gallon of Filtered Water add 6 tea bags of desired flavor. Cool to room temperature and add 1 cup of sugar. I like raw sugar but refined sugar makes great scoby’s for your next batch.

    Pour tea water into a gallon container with scoby and cover with a bandana and wrap a rubberband around brim to keep bandanna secure.

    In 10 days pour into sealed cap top glass jars and let sit for two more days before refrigerating. For more desired carbonation you can add a teaspoon of sugar to your gallon jug at ten days before bottling.

    Good Luck !!!!!!!!

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