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    Breeding these days is tricky.You want to create something that will have every aspect of what the super stoner is looking to get their hands on and into their lungs.The UW Purple has been the focus of my growing and breeding for over thirty years.I have grown the U Dub indoor and outdoor and it has always given me massive yields and the perfect smoke I’ve never needed to grow anything else.

    At this point ,i have hunted through all the new age strains made and selected the best phenols of most of those strains to pollinate with my U DUB male “Daddy Dub”.Always small batch runs so i can watch closely for any issues that might arise,and to make sure the final seed product is perfect.

    The first run has been a total success with seeds maturing at their peak just before falling to the floor.
    The Dub Mac,Bubba Dub, Kub Dub, Warren Moon, P-Dub, Bow Dow, Grateful Dub, Lilac, and the Luke Dub.

    I’m stoked to make these available and to help those out there who are looking for strong medicine or just a good smoke to use to relax and the end of a long stressful day.If these run out don’t worry ill have other different crosses coming down the road,and maybe when I’m close to hanging up my breeder pants, ill release Uncle Deez UW Purple seeds…Dont hold your breath.

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