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For those who are interested in OG Kush seeds, California-based Mighty Café is a great resource. Not only do we have a great selection of quality OG kush seeds for sale, we also sell a variety of other cannabis seeds, too. Join our site and our community for great conversations in our forum containing fun and educational videos, recipes, and more.

About OG Kush Seeds

California isn’t the only place where OG Kush is popular, even though many believe that California is the birthplace of this popular strain. Kush has roots in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This strain is mostly Indica, partly Sativa, and that’s likely why it’s such a popular brand offered at medical dispensaries.

Legal Notes About Our California OG Kush Seeds

While you’ll find resources with OG Kush seeds for sale, California has a set of laws, and other states and countries may have very different laws as well. While marijuana legalization is on the rise around the world, there are stiff penalties in some places for growing without licensing. Get informed. Be knowledgeable.

Buy OG Kush Seeds Online from Mighty Café

We strive to make it easy to order cannabis seeds from us. Whether you buy OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookie Seed, Gorilla Glue, or some of our CBD cream and other body pain, we strive to create a positive buying experience. In addition to California cannabis seeds, we also sell t-shirts and more.

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