Gorilla Glue Seeds | California: Mighty Café

Gorilla Glue seeds get their name by their effect. Many who love this strain purchase it because it “glues” them to the seat of their chair. It’s great for relaxation, and providing a euphoric high that works well for anxiety and fending off stress!

With a strong aroma, earthy and pine flavor, many use it to help them sleep, and it provides pain relief as well.
If you want to purchase Gorilla Glue seeds, California-based Mighty Café is an excellent source. We make it easy to purchase the seeds you want. We also offer apparel and CBD cream too.

In addition to buying Gorilla Glue seeds, we invite you to join our site and experience a fun, knowledgeable cannabis community that shares information, recipes, and more.

About Gorilla Glue Seeds

California customers have different guidelines to follow versus many other locations. Please note that by buying gorilla glue seeds or any other cannabis seeds from us, you do so with the knowledge that it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with local laws. Some areas still have stiff penalties for growing, as well as, the germination of seeds. Other locations require a medical marijuana license for cannabis, but still won’t allow you to grow without a specific grower’s license.

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