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Sometimes, you just need a little silence. A piece of mind is hard to find in the constant barrage of daily clutter. The internet world is full of advertisement playing on your weaknesses to buy something you never wanted in a world where nothing is free or so it seems. When I came up with the idea for a site in the cyber matrix, I wanted it to be a place where anyone could stop by and see what’s new, say high or take a nap. In a world of weekend warriors the nine to fivers and gridlock, stress can do a number on your nerves. So here you are ……

Feel free to look around, write down some recipes, or share a recipe you think might help someone. I’m always here, and look forward to being your host, at the Mighty Café.

Slanted Farms Marijuana Seeds | Mighty Café: Cannabis Culture and Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

The Mighty Café is an online café celebrating cannabis culture. We also give you the opportunity to buy cannabis seeds online through us.

If you are seeking marijuana seeds for sale in California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, or elsewhere, there are few places to buy cannabis seeds online. Whether you buy marijuana seeds in California or elsewhere, it’s important to understand your local laws. Any seeds purchased here are sold with the understanding that you are buying them with the knowledge that germination or possession may be prohibited in certain locations. Some customers purchase seeds for souvenirs or buy in anticipation of laws changing where they live. Others live in locations where they can legally grow, either for medicinal or recreational purposes, and love our great selection of quality marijuana seeds, as well as, our easy ordering process.

Whether you live somewhere that allows you to grow, buy, or sell marijuana seeds or not, they are for sale in many places and can be sent directly to you. If you have questions or are uncertain about the laws where you live, it’s important to get knowledgeable before you buy marijuana seeds. California’s laws may not be the same as laws in other locations.

Mighty Café: Fun, Recipes, Entertainment, Seeds, and Apparel

Mighty Café is more than a place to check out Cannabis seeds for sale. We aim to share fun, informative, and entertaining content and also have a discussion forum. In addition to seeds, such as Girl Scout Cookie seeds, Gorilla Glue seeds, Wedding Cake seeds, and CBD seeds, we also sell apparel. Follow us on social media and subscribe to the free The Mighty Café Newsletter!

Slanted Farms

Welcome to Slanted Farms Seed Company

Slanted Farms Seed Company


OGKB by Mycotek is the father to these seeds and will give you stout burley purple indica buds in 60 days or less. Sweet candy to OG smelling monsters.


Snoop Dog OG Icon

Snoop Dog OG

Snoop Dog 2.0 by Top Dawg pheno #8 out of 20 seeds is being used.

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Caramel Candy Kush Icon

Caramel Candy Kush

The Caramel Factory is also known as the CCK Line.

See Full CCK Line

Fire OG Icon

Fire OG

Raskals Fire Og has been a favorite for years.

Choose your Favorite

Beetle Juice Icon

U.W. Purple - Beetle Juice

Originally created by the University of Washington and has been in my family for over 30 years.

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Sour Diesel Cookies Seeds

Crem De La Crem

Another Special Offering by Mighty Cafe

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